Friday, February 17, 2017

Your First Purchase Part 2: The Handgun

Here it is finally, Part 2!  Time to talk handguns and personal defense.  Handguns/pistols are like the produce isle of the grocery store; they come in many shapes sizes and types.  And, just like the produce in those isles some may look good but can be rotten and taste disgusting after you bring it home.  As stated in Part 1 there are two basic types of handguns; semi-autos and revolvers.  I will be breaking down a list of the top three picks from both categories according to cost/market price.  Also I am only reviewing the ones I have personally used, so you can be sure I am not pulling stuff out of my ass.  I will also try to include the pros and cons of each one.  Finally I will wrap up with some other suggestions as it pertains to personal defense and utilization.  Let us begin!


1. Hi-Point .40cal  $160.00-$170.00

Butt ugly, clumsy, balanced about as well as an elephant on a toothpick, and in general totally unpleasant; however IT WORKS!  The Hi-Point .40cal I had ran great even after many many rounds of ammo put through it.  Sure, it looks like something a 6 year old would design, but it serves its purpose and is mostly reliable.  However it will take a few boxes of ammo fired through it to get it broken in properly

2.  Canik TP9SA 9mm  $320.00-$375.00

The Canik is a relative new comer to the US handgun world and it is starting to gain a big following. The Canik will work right out of the box and uses the ever available 9mm Parabellum/Luger ammunition.  Also this gun comes with a standard 18 round magazine which is nice (assuming it is legal to own in your area).

3.  Glock 17 or 19 9mm (any generation) ~$500.00-$550.00 (depending on locale)

This, the Glock 19, is the probably the most ubiquitous handgun when people envision in their minds what a "handgun" looks like.  It has a standard 15 round magazine and is of an extremely simple design; easy to clean and disassembly.  It is also very reliable and is used by more law enforcement than any other handgun.  Again it uses the common, off the shelf, 9mm round.


1.  Armscor/Rock Island Model 200 .38 Special $240.00-$260.00

The Armscor/Rock Island Model 200 is a standard looking 6 shot revolver in .38spl caliber.  It is reliable, has very little recoil and is surprisingly accurate for such an inexpensive handgun.  The ammo is readily available and .38spl revolvers were once the mainstay of police forces.

2.  Taurus Model 605 .357 Magnum w/2in barrel  $315.00-$350.00
The Taurus 605 is a great choice for a lot of gun in a small, concealable package.  It fires the always available .357 Magnum round and, as a bonus in case you were not aware, it can also use the standard .38spl ammunition as well.  Which is great for practicing with lower recoil.

3.  Taurus Tracker Model 44 .44 Magnum w/4in barrel  $540.00-$560.00

The Taurus 44 is a rather compact yet full power .44 Magnum revolver.  Again like the Taurus 605 it has the added benefit of being able to chamber and fire lower recoil .44 Special rounds, which are great for training.  .44 Magnum and .44spl are also again readily available rounds.

There you have it, my top three recommendations for handguns in both the semi-auto and revolver category.  But always remember that no matter how good or reliable a gun is it is only as good as the training effort you put into it to use it properly.

While some of these guns listed may not be available in your area that it not an issue.  The best advice is to shop around, visit a few stores and above all handle a few.  A gun must feel good in your hand or you won't feel comfortable using it.  A word of warning here; you may be enticed to buy a smaller handgun which may be chambered in something like .380ACP, .32, .25 or .22.  Yes they may be smaller and have even less recoil but they are not the best choice for personal defense.  If you are being attacked the idea of self defense is to STOP your attacker, and these lesser calibers may not work.  But again as I stated in a previous post "the best gun is the gun you have with you."

In closing I have two final points to make.  First, understand you state gun laws: Do you have a right to self defense?  Are you in a stand your ground State?  Know your laws!  The last thing you would want to happen is to be confronted by some deranged Trumptonian attacker who you know is hell bent on smashing your face, so you fire on this person, killing them then end up in jail because it was your "duty to retreat." (which is BS if you ask me, but I didn't write the laws)

Second point; when you do take the leap and make your first purchase you may discover that there are "extra" high capacity magazine for your gun.  Yes, in some cases there are even 50 round drum magazines for handguns, (ridiculous I know), but don't end up being like some of these righty-wingdingers who have massive drum magazines to masturbate over, you don't need it.  These magazines are,  1. heavy, 2. look stupid, 3. cannot be concealed and 4. nine times out of ten they jam; totally unreliable.  Steer clear.

Final note:  I know that California has something called the California DOJ Approved List of Handguns.  I know of the list but I am not familiar with what is approved or not in regards to legality and such, again consult your local expert on these matters.

Stay tuned for Part 3 - The Rifle!

-The Liberal Gun, OUT!  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thoughts and Concerns

An important issue was brought to my attention by a reader on Twitter that needs to be addressed.  In the current day and age we live the "State" at large stills frowns on adults of legal age using certain herbs and other items, medicinally or otherwise.  According to Federal laws if you are a user of an "illegal" substance you are not eligible to own a firearm.  This is complete and utter crap in my opinion, but until we change this, it is what it is and we have to tread lightly in these areas.  However be not dismayed there are alternatives to your plight if you fall into one of these "prohibited possessor" categories.  Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert please make sure you do your own research on the laws where you live as they pertain to you and your situation.  Now with that out of the way let's begin.

The options for pseudo-firearms and alternatives in many cases is actually quite vast.  To begin with did you know that there are large caliber air-rifles out there that are just as powerful as a modern gun? Its true!  Check out the below video and link then come back

The Samyang brand of big-bore air rifles are some of the most affordable.  Here is a link.

So now I hope you see the true viability and applicability of an "Air Gun".  More than you expected wasn't it?  Definitely a viable option for you weapon choice.  Obviously it does have draw backs over a regular rifle, but as the saying goes "The best gun is the one you have with you."

The Sam Yang company even has an air "Shotgun", how crazy is that right?

Moving on, the next option for those stuck between a rock and unjust laws is the crossbow.  There are many varieties of crossbows and up until a couple of years ago I would have recommended them over an air-rifle.  But, with this new class of air-rifle now being able to fire arrows, it almost makes the crossbow obsolete.  However the classic crossbow does win out in several places over the air-rifles we discussed.

To start with, you do not have to "recharge" a crossbow, just cock, load and fire.  Also the arrows or "bolts" are readily available at any local sporting goods store.  Crossbows are also more affordable on the lower end.  Here are a few:

One other point concerning any "arrow" based weapons is there psychological effect; as morbid as it may sound, I don't care how tough a person is or how much of a bad-ass they think they are, they will panic when hit with an arrow, even if it is not a lethal shot.  Face it, if you looked down and saw a giant metal or wooden rod sticking out of you wouldn't you panic too?

So these are my thoughts for those that are in a particular sticky situation concerning current laws.  I hope this helps.

p.s. there are a few more options as well, but I need to gather some more info on them before I publish, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Your First Purchase Part 1

So, you've done it, you've crossed the line, stepped off the porch, you woke up this morning and realized the America you knew is gone.  Depressing?  Yes.  But now you know that things are going to only get worse from this point forward.  You, your family and your community are now faced with an even more crazed and emboldened lunatic right-wing since the election of Agent Orange.

As stated in my previous post, the thought for some of us concerning the idea of owning a gun is rather disagreeable.  But again, as per the previous post, remember these are tools and nothing more. So anyway you made the mental leap, or are seriously considering it: BUYING A GUN!  But where do you start?  What should you get?  How the hell do you use this thing!?  Well lets get started shall we?

First we need to understand some proper terminology and a few realities.  There are three basic types of firearms; rifles, handguns and shotguns.  Rifles generally come in three flavors; Single shot, Bolt Action and Semi-Automatic.  This is the same for shotguns.  Handguns/pistols are generally either Semi-Auto or Revolver (there are single shot types but they tend to be a specialized variety).  So from this list, what do you need?

My general recommendation is at least one from each category for each household at a minimum. Use a handgun for close range personal defense, a shotgun for close range and tight-quarters household defense and a rifle for longer engagement distances.  However if you can only chose one item right now, make it a handgun for personal defense then work toward the rifle and shotgun.  Now before we proceed any further there is one issue that needs to be covered, and that is training.

No matter how fancy you want to go nor how much money you spend will make you proficient in firearms if you have not had the proper training.  This is paramount.  Particularly for those of you that have not had extensive use of firearms, let alone in some cases even held one!  First and foremost do not be intimidated by a gun.  As I have preached, it is just a tool, nothing more; just as a knife cuts food, a hammer hits a nail a gun stops Fascists.

I will be breaking down my thoughts on each firearm in the next few posts.

Stay tuned.  Part 2: The Handgun

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Liberal Gun Culture Begins Now! (because there won't be a later)

Wow!  That's a hell of an intro title statement isn't it?  Is there and can there be such a thing as a "Liberal Gun Culture?"  Yes and yes.  For anyone that has not lived under a rock for the last year and a half we have witnessed the rise of a soon to be despotic ruler.  Someone who should never have been in the running for US President let alone now sitting in the White House.

We have witnessed the day in day out slaughter of people of color by those that are suppose to uphold and enforce the law.

We have witnessed the rise of a very radical Right Wing that has only been emboldened since the election.

We have witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of unconstitutional Executive Orders being signed into law each and every day (the courts have only temporarily halted this action, but just wait and see, it will pass).  For the first time in many decades one group of people have been unjustly singled out and targeted because of their religion and nationality; forbidden to enter this country.  The future looks ever more grim.  The next four years (lets hope not eight) is going to be a rough ride.

So, how now do a group of civilized peoples reconcile their general dislike for things such as guns with the ever increasing possibility of the rise of Fascism in our own country?  The answer is surprisingly simple.

All of us, to one extent or another have used a knife to cut our food, or a hammer to hit a nail (and sometimes our thumb).  A knife and a hammer are tools, nothing more, and as useful as they are they can easily be turned into instruments of murder and mayhem.  A firearm is no different.  And it is my humble opinion that firearms are safer in the hands of educated social liberals than anyone else.  Why you ask?  Simple, we understand that these things are tools, tools of last resort but tools nonetheless.  I do not foresee any of us acquiring massive amounts of AR15s and AK-47s and masturbating (either figuratively or otherwise) to them regularly or holding them up as some kind of god to be worshiped. Again, to the educated, they are tools, nothing more.

My goal here is to educate and hopefully inform you to the best of my ability.  The winds of change are upon us and they are ill winds.

If you have not checked out these pages yet, please do.